Seeing Under Water

If you’re in Australia I’m sure you’re aware that there are large parts of the country in serious flood at the moment. If you’re overseas you may have heard about it but not been aware of the degree of devastation.  It’s shocking and quite unbelievable. The flooding is enormously extensive (covering an area larger in size than France and Germany combined!) and has decimated many rural towns, crops, property and lives. Many people in the flood affected areas have lost everything. It makes me so sad to see it.

I got sent an email today with this mobile phone footage shot from a building yesterday as the floodwaters raced through the town of Toowoomba, just outside Brisbane.  The devastation and destruction is mind boggling (although I think a few of those cars could have been saved if the guy filming was a little more concerned with notifying people of the obviously impending disaster rather than just capturing it all on video!) It is interesting to see just how much “citizen journalism” is being used to report on the floods.

If you’d like to make a donation to the relief efforts, the address is

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  1. By the way, he’s not ‘letting the air out of his tyres’, he’s setting the tyres to 4WD mode (rather than 2WD).

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