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    1. That’s weird that it just won’t work in NZ… I wonder why?

      In the meantime, have you tried AudioBoo? Similar kind of tool, and in some ways, more elegant than iPadio. Certainly a prettier app to use.

    1. Allanah, we haven’t given up on you, the challange we face is that the freephone number we offer in NZ (0800-451507) doesn’t seem to work for you – a problem we sometimes experience (the regulations around what a freephone number can allow vary enormously). That said the way that Chris used ipadio here is not using a phone number – rather using our iPhone app (there is an android one as well) which locally records and then uploads. This will work for you anywhere, however it needs a data connection which a phone call doesn’t. Can you do me one favour though – call the 0800-451507 number on a mobile and on a fixed line and then tell me what you hear? It’s also very difficult to test this from England! e-mail [email protected] if you would….. cheers – and thanks Chris for the phonecast – very interesting.

      1. Hey there Mark

        The iPhone iPadio app that I am trying to use tries to call 0800 451507 for a live phonecast
        and I get a message that the number I am trying to ring is not available from my location.

        That’s the same message I get when I try and ring the number directly through the iPhone
        without using the iPadio app.

        When I ring it on the landline I get a message from iPadio saying that that phone number is
        not registered with iPadio.

        Still getting no where really

        I do appreciate that you guys have tried but I am still at a loss to make it work.

        The idea is good.

        1. [Chris – apologies for using your blog as a helpdesk] Then the problem is that the 0800 number is not accepted from mobiles in NZ – that will be a local issue over which we have no control. If when you call from the landline you listen to the full message – it goes on to say ‘….please enter the number of a registered phone’ enter your iPhone number – then (when promoted) your PIN and that landline will work as if you are using your iPhone. However the ‘record and publish’ feature of our iPhone app will work irrespective of the access to the 0800 number.

  1. Hey Mark

    0800 numbers in NZ are generally accepted as being toll free. Unfortunately making live recordings on the iPhone while away from the landline was what I was actually wanting to do with iPadio. Very few exciting things worth sharing live on the internet happen near my landline.

    Thanks for trying.

    1. Allanah,

      I think the point Mark was trying to make was that, problems with the phone system in NZ aside, you can still use the iPadio app in “near live” mode so long as you have wifi access. Just record and then send, or prerecord it then wait until you get back into wifi access to upload it. I actually prefer that way of doing it because you can also add photos and GPS cord as well in that mode.

      Have you tried using it that way?

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