Still Quite Delicious

The K12 Online Conference is well and truly over for another year (well, in as much as a virtual, permanently archived conference can ever be “over”), but I thought I’d re-post this presentation I made for it.  It’s called I Like Delicious Things and looks at how tagging works in systems like Flickr and Delicious, and how tags can accumulate into complete systems of organisation called folksonomies.

I know it’s already online at the K12 Online website, but I recently uploaded a slightly bigger, higher res version to Vimeo.  I’m guessing that there are still lots of people who never saw this on the original K12 Online site, so here it is again if you’re interested…

I Like Delicious Things from Chris Betcher on Vimeo.

CC BY-SA 4.0 Still Quite Delicious by Chris Betcher is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

One Reply to “Still Quite Delicious”

  1. I must admit that the whole concept of tags in definition is new to me. I know I have used them on websites before I just didn’t really understand their meaning and what exactly they did. You presentation is fantastic.

    I find myself very intrigued with the idea of folksonomy and how wonderful this idea of using sites like delicious will be to helping me in seperating and finding information.

    I am a masters student working on a degree in integrating Technology in Education and we are looking into blogs and wikis this semester as a platform for learning in the classroom as well as furthering education outside. I am a primary teacher and was wondering about more simplistic technologies that my students could use in the classroom?

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