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When I started teaching at a girls’ school after many years teaching boys, I was surprised when one of the students came up to me one day and said “Sir, has anyone ever told you that you look like Russell Crowe?” In fact, at that point in my life, nobody ever had. In fact, it had never really even crossed my mind that I looked like anyone at all. Over the next few months at the school however, I heard the “has anyone ever told you that you look like Russell Crowe?” comment quite a few times. I had never really considered it.

Funnily enough, over the next year or so I started to hear the same comment from people outside the school as well, which was odd because in my previous 40-something years of life, no one had ever said it to me. It wasn’t until I arrived in Canada during the year of my teaching exchange that one of the neighbours said to me one day “Do you know who you look like?”… “Russell Crowe!” that I started to wonder if there really was something to this whole resemblance thing. For the next 12 months I was called Russell by a group of the neighbours who thought it was pretty funny. Just to complete the illusion, I even dressed as a Gladiator for Halloween that year!

Anyway, I had to laugh the other day when I took a group of Year 7 kids on an excursion into the NSW Art Gallery to see the Archibald Prize. As we walked down the path to the Botanical Gardens later that day to have lunch, one of the other teachers excitedly told us that she had seen the real Russell Crowe pushing his baby carriage through the park, which makes sense because I understand that Russell has a place not far from there, down on the Finger Wharf.

I was disappointed to have missed seeing the real Mr Crowe for myself. Not that I am at all starstruck by Hollywood celebrities. Far from it. I just wished I had seen him so I could have taken the opportunity to walk up to him, look in in the eye and say “Hey Russell, has anyone ever told you that you look like Chris Betcher?”

russell1.jpg chris2.JPG russell2.jpg chris1.JPG

So what do you think? Is it just an overactive imagination or is there something to this resemblance thing?

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