Make up your Mind

Have you had this conversation with another teacher yet?

Me:  Hey, have you ever thought about starting a class blog?  You can use it publish what happens in your classroom, put up all the cool things your class does, and share it all with the world. What do you think?

Them: Are you crazy? Why would anyone be even remotely interested in reading about what we do? And anyway, no one will ever see it… they probably wouldn’t even be able to find it!

And then, eventually, they do start a class blog. And pretty soon the conversation changes to this…

Me: Hey, you should post up those photos of what your class did last week on your class blog. And what about that video you made with the kids? How about we post that on YouTube?

Them: Are you crazy? You want me to put that stuff with the kids online where everyone can get to it? It’s way too dangerous! I don’t want the whole world seeing it!

So which is it? When we post stuff online are we putting it somewhere where no one will ever find it, or are we putting it somewhere that the whole world can see it?

And which is worse?