YouTube gets Barenaked

This is too funny…

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably noticed that YouTube has become quite the phenomenon over the last year. If you’ve spent anytime at all browsing YouTube, you’ve probably seen some of the more popular videos stored there… It’s amazing the way they tend to bubble up to the top in popularity.

It seems that the Barenaked Ladies have been watching YouTube too. Barenaked Ladies are a Canadian band based in Toronto and I must confess to have become particularly fond of their music when I lived there. I think they are very clever, both lyrically and conceptually, and I really enjoy their insightful wit.

BNL’s latest video clip is a real testament to this cleverness. They contacted many of the “stars” of YouTube – the Evolution of Dance guy, the two guys from Diet Coke and Mentos experiment, Where the Hell is Matt, and even Geriatric1927 among others. They managed to get these people to lip-sync to their latest single “Sound of your Voice” and then edited the clips together into a single video. Amazingly clever stuff!

Of course, the finished clip has been posted on YouTube and is spreading virally, which is exactly the way YouTube works best. I’m really impressed with the way BNL have been able to tap into such a social phenomenon and turn it around into something so clever. Well done guys!

And of course, here is the clip…