GTA is Go

A few weeks ago I posted my application video for the Sydney Google Teacher Academy. According to their schedule, I wasn’t expecting to hear anything back about it until late next week, so I was very excited yesterday when I checked my email and found this waiting for me…

You have been selected to participate in the Google Teacher Academy – Sydney. After reviewing your application, we believe that you have the experience and passion necessary to positively impact education in your region, and we are excited to have you join us on Wednesday 20 April 2011 at the Google office in Sydney.

Woohoo! I’m aware that it’s a pretty hotly contested thing to get into, so I’m feeling very fortunate to have been accepted. Of course, as well as spending time at Google ‘s fantastic new Sydney offices and getting hands-on and in-depth with all the cool tools that Google offers for education, the other best part is in the networking and the conversations that I know will take place over the very full day and a half. Just from seeing mentions on Twitter, it appears that a number of other people I know will be there, like @jessmcculloch, @adrian_camm, @davein2it and @TarNZC, so it’ll be awesome!

I know there’s others who got in, although I don’t know who they are. If you’re also going to GTA Sydney, drop a note in the comments below. It’d be fun to know who’s going.

CC BY-SA 4.0 GTA is Go by Chris Betcher is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

11 Replies to “GTA is Go”

  1. Hi Chris,

    I follow you on Twitter and saw that you got in to GTA, congratulations!

    Like you, I was very surprised to get the early email yesterday and even more surprised to see that I had been successful! Pretty exciting!! I feel really lucky to have this opportunity and look forward to learning and meeting like minded people.

    See you in Sydney in April!


  2. Hey! Good to see some Aussies made it too 😉

    Look forward to a catchup there – just booking my tickets.


  3. Hi Chris,

    I was lucky enough to be selected to attend and feel very honoured. It will be great to meet and work with so many talented people & catch up again.


  4. Congratulations on GTA – unfortunately the timing of the event clashes with family stuff so I didn’t apply. Can you please let them know that there is a demand for another GTA in Oz

    Enjoy – I look forward to your reflections on the event.

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