On the path to K12 Online

If you’ve not taken part in it before, put the K12 Online Conference in your calendar. Run as a virtual conference, K12 Online is an annual two week long professional development event for educators around the world, where the conference “sessions” are offered in the form of digital presentations – podcasts, vidcasts, digital sories, etc.

This year’s event is based on the theme “Amplifying Possibilities” and will kick off with a pre-conference keynote address in the week starting October 13. Over the next two weeks, October 21 – 31, there will be a regular stream of virtual presentations released in four different strands.  These 20 minute presentations have been selected from a number of submissions that teachers all over the world put forward, and were chosen using a blind peer review process.

This year, I was fortunate enough to have my proposal selected for the conference, something I’m very excited about! The session is called “I Like Delicious Things: an introduction to tagging and folksonomies“. Here’s a peek at a short promo teaser that all presenters were encouraged to create as a way of generating more interest in the conference…

I think I have a fair idea of what the presentation will cover, but I need to put it all together over the next week and a half.  If you have any ideas, suggestion or questions about what you’d like to see it cover – on the basic theme of tagging and building knowledge folksonomies – please leave me a comment.

By the way, this video was shot using my Nokia N95 cellphone.  I’m really happy with the quality of the video it captures and I plan to shoot the whole thing using it if I can.  Of course, the real secret to the video quality is my camera person, the Lovely Linda.  Thanks baby… you da best!

CC BY-SA 4.0 On the path to K12 Online by Chris Betcher is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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  1. Way to put things into context Chris!!! Succinct as always. And by the way, what fantastic quality from a cell phone!! People really have no excuse for putting stuff in place in classrooms, all the technology we need fits in our pocket.

    I’m looking forward to your presentation.

  2. I remember when our school library catalogue went digital and we could have multiple subjects to search by and how liberating that was.

    When I could only write one catalogue card for a book I often wondered how on earth was anyone going to find it based on the subject tag that I made up. I wasted much time pondering the one best search word that kids might use- now I can churn out lots of tags and kids can find the books easily- I hope.

    For yr preso maybe a tip or two on how to refine a search to get to just what you want without trolling thru heaps of dross.

  3. This looks great. I am looking into using more video as a way to get information across in blog posts in a much more accessible and dynamic way. You have done that here. I hope to catch your preso online.

  4. Hi Chris,
    Congrats on being selected to present. I presented at the first k-12confernece and I learnt heaps through the experience, putting my presenation together and then joining in lots of conversations.

    good luck.

  5. Hey Chris!
    Your posting caught my eye, since I’m a “virtual teacher” (Elementary) with Georgia Virtual Academy. K12 is the curriculum supplier of the entire on-line as well as “real” workbooks, TEs, kits and supplies. Is this the same K12?
    During a typical day, I use my “Elluminate” classroom, and students and learning coaches all “come in” for tutoring sessions, group presentations, conferences, and any good reason to come together.
    I’m thinking by tagging, this might even refer to folders and sub-folders, and how information is tagged for easier retrieval. Is that right?
    Kudos to your Lovely Linda and Nokia…That’s incredible quality footage to be from a cellphone!
    Congratulations on being selected to present!

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