iTunes is your friend

I really like iTunes. It’s a wonderful piece of software that just works as expected and does it’s job really well.

I’ve been asked to talk at the PowerUp conference on the Gold Coast this weekend and was given an open opportunity to talk about whatever I wanted. Although I think the Web 2.0 story is the one most people still need to hear, the general feeling was that there were already plenty of people talking about web 2.0 stuff, so something a bit different would be good. (Besides, my other session will be about web 2.0 stuff anyway, looking at tools for collaboration)

I’m a bit wary of being caught out without Internet access when I present… I’ve been in situations before where I was told there would be access, where there was access, where I should have been able to get access, but for whatever reason the firewall gods were not smiling upon me and I had none. I don’t expect that to be the case this weekend, and of course I plan to present it live… but I’m starting to learn to cover my bases and to that end I’ve been making a few screencasts using iShowU, capturing those portions of my presentations that require access to the cloud. Just in case.

So if you’re interested, here is part of my presentation about iTunes. I thought this stuff was kind of obvious but I’ve spoken to many people lately who still haven’t got their head around this stuff.

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CC BY-SA 4.0 iTunes is your friend by Chris Betcher is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

3 Replies to “iTunes is your friend”

  1. What a great topic to present. I too fear far too many DON’T realize the power of iTunes. Great topic, and timely too, with the K12Online Conference. Even though all the content is posted, i was introduced to more podcasters to subscribe too. Even though I know how, I realize this might be a topic I do in a school level staff development. I have been talking with my students about illegally downloading, with all the brew-ha-ha about Jammie Thomas, the Minnesotan single mother of two who was just recently convicted of illegally downloading, and charged a fine of $222,000. So I may share this video with the kids too,who I suspect many don’t know how to “legally” acquire music.

  2. Hi Chris, it was great to see you today in WNF. I really felt like I got to know more people so much better. Let’s keep the contact going. Your work today as moderator was great

  3. THanks Carolyn, feel free to use it. I presented the session yesterday and it seemed to go down really well. iTunes really is a cool app when you start to get right down into it. Smart playlists are just awesome.

    Jo, thanks for you feedback. I agree, we should keep the contact going! 🙂

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