Tipping Point for Comments

I just noticed that Betchablog has finally reached “comment tipping point”… I now have the same number of comments as blog posts!  (Well, until I publish this post – doh!)

According to His Edublogness, James Farmer, most blogs have far more posts than comments, so I’m pleased that there is some dialog starting to happen here and there are people willing to engage in the conversation with me.  Thank you!  It’s one of the things that make blogs so different to the old Web 1.0 way of thinking.

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CC BY-SA 4.0 Tipping Point for Comments by Chris Betcher is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

0 Replies to “Tipping Point for Comments”

  1. You’ll be pleased to know that I’m now considered a blogging expert at my school and have quite a number of people asking me for advice. Novice to expert overnight. I just thought I’d post that here to keep your stats how you want them. Blogging is the new partying.

  2. Hehehe, “Blogging is the new partying”. I like it.

    Yes, it has always amazed me just how little it takes be considered an expert in something. I often get surprised at how incompetent I feel in some areas that so many others seem to think I am an “expert” at. I guess it’s like that old saying that all you need to know to teach a dog tricks is to know more than the dog. 🙂 The funny part is that none of this is really all that hard, it’s just about being willing to give it a go. Shhh! Keep that to yourself!

    Glad to see you’re giving it a go and developing your expertise though!

  3. I love your site, Chris. It’s giving me lots of food for thought. Thanks also for leaving a blog on my class site – it’s wonderful having a wider audience for the kids in my class. They were very impressed! It’s all still new for me so I just keep playing – spending more time than I can really afford but I’m having fun. And like Christen, all of a sudden I’m the expert here at school.

  4. As of the time I’m typing this comment – my blog has 806 comments compared to 368 posts, so the tipping point for you could easily develop to be be statistically similar. Of course, I do comment in my own comments a fair bit so that tends to distort the stats! 🙂 A blog without comments – well, what’s the point?

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