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You may have heard the story about the penny doublng every day for a month, or the grains of rice on the chessboard. These stories are based on the principle of exponential growth, and exponential growth is a really amazing thing!

You can use the same principle to spread information too. You tell a few, and they tell a few. Those few tell a few, who in turn tell a few more. Pretty soon, many know.

The organisers of the K12 Onlline Conference would like to use this principle to spread the word about the event. As you may know, the conference kicks off on October 8 with David Warlick’s preconference keynote address, delivered like all the other presentations of course… in downloadable digital format. It then has a full 2 weeks of presentations being released at regular intervals between the 15th and the 26th. See the flyer for more details.

To help spread the word, we are passing it along in the form of a meme. Here’s what you’re asked to do… simply create a blog post where you link to the flyer image in this post.

Then, list three reasons to participate based on your experience from last year or, if you didn’t attend last year, write three things you hope to gain from taking part this year. Once you’ve written your 3 things, then tag several others who will do the same thing. After you tag someone in your post, please email them to let them know so they can help spread the word. Oh, and if you really want to help spread the word, why not print yourself a copy of the flyer and leave a few around your school? Or hand them out? Or tell your colleagues at a staff meeting? Or make a mention of it in your school newsletter? Just tell people!

So, for me… 3 reasons to participate based on last year…

  1. It’s a great chance to learn about new things, or to learn about old things but see them in new ways. David Warlick’s “off the rails” example is simple and obvious, but it has really stuck with me from last year’s keynote and I’ve applied it’s principle in many ways over the past year. It’s a very powerful idea that makes a big difference to seeing what is really important in the learning process.
  2. An expanded sense of community. I now know so many more educators all over the world. We communicate and share ideas regularly. We Skype and we Tweet and we share. We have an ongoing conversation, and the learning that comes from that conversation is incredibly powerful.
  3. Last year stimulated many great ideas. Not only in me but in other teachers around me, and some of those teachers went on to do some astounding work with kids and tech. I know much of that stuff would never have happened without the influence of the conference. It was a major trigger.

There are probably other reasons, but that’s enough. So now I’m passing the meme on to these amazing teachers… All Australian and coincidentally all starting with a J.

Jess McCulloch
Jo McLeay
John Pearce
Judy O’Connell
Jason Hando

Spread the love!

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4 Replies to “Spread the Love”

  1. Cool Chris,

    I am hosting a seminar for teachers in Hong Kong and Macau who want to share more on using Tech for learning on that day.
    I will give the conference a big plug and also track back to this page from my blog.

    Cheers Mate!


  2. The love has been spread, technolote style! It took a few days, but it’s there. I had a good look at the site so that I could write 3 legitimate things I’m looking forward to getting out of it, and even though I have read a bit before, I’m glad I went further into it. Damn there is going to be some good stuff happening. Well done on all the work you’ve done for it. ‘See’ you there!

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