Only on a Mac

This is so cool…

Found this image on Flickr via Digg of a guy who accidentally did a cmd+A in his Applications folder on his MacBook Pro, and then pressed Enter. In case that doesn’t mean much to you, it basically opened every application on his computer at the same time! If you take a look at his Dock, that’s a lot of applications!

The amazing thing is that the machine didn’t crash, which is an amazing testament to the power of OSX. I don’t think I’d even consider trying that on a Windows machine…

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  1. Hi Graham… well you’re quite right of course, it is a completely pointless exercise, but I’m just impressed that it can do it. From what I read, this guy did it by accident, but I know if I tried to open that many apps on my Windows box it would just choke after the first few. So I guess it appeals to my geeky side that OSX is capable of such a feat.
    Maybe I’m just geeky, period. 🙂

  2. Of course, it could just be that I’m not smart enough to be a geek. I’m too scared to open an extra app on my Tablet PC while the Anti-virus boots up in case the whole OS goes pear shaped!

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