Been Playing

James Farmer has been up to his upgrading tricks again, and Edublogs has been offline for a few hours today.  I don’t mind, I just appreciate the facts that he takes the trouble to keep the Edublogs service at the cutting edge of WordPress technology.  Anyway, it gave me a chance to do a bit of playing on my other blogs, tweaking a few things here and there.

I also managed to get a new episode of the Virtual Staffroom podcast online.  It’s been a long time between episodes, due mainly to a series of personal dramas but also because it took me a while to get broadband on again where I’m living now.  Anyway, the point is that a new episode is up –  “Open Minded”  – and another episode is in the works, Taking it Further”.  Check them out, they are pretty good actually!  🙂

I’ve also been having a good play with the Sidebar Widgets in WordPress.  Very cool.  I’d been wondering how to add extra services to the sidebars like Clustr maps and other things where you are supposed to just cut and paste some html code to make it work.  That’s all fine, and was easy under the Old Blogger, but WordPress doesn’t easily let you get to the template code to make these changes.  I finally figured out that you have to add a new text widget to the sidebar tools and paste the code into that.  Obvious really I guess.  I’m really impressed at what a cool, flexible tool WordPress is.  The New Blogger too for that matter.  It’s just so easy to publish to the web these days!

I’ve also been swapping some great podcast suggestions with My Linda too… we have discovered a whole bunch of interesting ‘casts to listen too.  In fact I spend way more time these days listening to podcasts than live radio or TV, and I love the fact that we are so on each others wavelengths in terms of what interests us.  It’s a good sign I think.

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