Yes, it’s yet another made-up word from the wonderful world of Web 2.0… Moblogging.

Moblogging, or mobile blogging, is all about being able to take photos on your mobile phone and blog them directly to a blogging service without the need to go via a computer as such. I bought a new Sony Ericsson K610i mobile phone recently and was quite excited to find not only a good quality camera that took a decent photo, but also an option in the photo gallery menu that said “Blog this”. Naturally it didn’t take me long to have a play with it and I can now snap a photo with the phone, and with a single menu selection it will resize the photo and upload to a blog in one fell swoop! Unfortunately, it doesn’t let you specify which blogging service you use so I can’t set it to upload to this blog, but it does do a fairly seamless job of going to a Blogger account.

The very first time you send a photo off into cyberspace, it automatically creates a new blog account on Blogger with a random name, and then sends a text message to your phone with a URL and a token code to log in. Once you log in with a Google account (which you now need anyway since Blogger went to Blogger v2 a few months ago) it asks you if you’d like to merge the newly created moblogging site with an existing Blogger site. I said yes, it chugged away for a few minutes, and in no time at all I had the phone photos up and live on a spare Blogger site that I wasn’t using anyway! Too easy!

I love this idea of moblogging, and have been uploading photos fairly regularly, in an almost Twitter-ish manner! I think I’ll keep it going… Maybe I really am an exhibitionist! And one can’t help but ponder about the possibilities for using this in the classroom.

My moblog can be found at

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