It's actually working…


Wow, I’m amazed.  This podcasting idea is actually working.  The Virtual Staffroom, my little project to try and share the great  technology integration work done by some of Australia’s leading teachers is actually working.

I got an email today from a guy at the Australian Catholic University in Ballarat, Victoria, asking if he could burn 80 copies of the podcast to CD and give it to a group of pre-service teachers as they train to go out into the classrooms of Australia.  I was blown away.  This is within 48 hours of going live with Anne Baird’s Episode 1.

And then I just checked the iTunes Store, who are now including the show in their podcast directory.  It’s currently ranked number 1 podcast in the Educational Technology section! In fact its also ranked number 10 in the Education section overall.

And this is just the beginning!  Bring it on… 🙂

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